How once beautiful and fulfilling Relationships become poisonous and unbearable?

Beauty of relationships is their nurturing and fulfilling essence.  We are naturally blessed with relationships the moment we are born.  Parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, Grandma, Grandpa, teachers, friends and husband/wife all are precious relations offering us love, support, confidence, uplift, encouragement, appreciation, learning and strength.

In the Journey of Life all have some Role either Big or Small. Throughout the journey of life we face many situations in various relations of us for our own learning and strength, for our own self awakening but we hardly pay attention. We realize who we are and where we stand into others’ people lives from the Relations we maintain or come across the life span.

God and Parents (mostly) Offer Unconditional Loving i.e. without any expectations whereas every other relation somehow at one or different point of time ask or seek reciprocation (even they don’t say but this feeling deep down start growing in them that I have done this and You have done this). I am not placing this feeling at Negative end as it’s quite human. We are human beings on a spiritual journey in this Life.

If this is the way relations are then Why and How comes a point that a poison keep on spreading in the life of relations slowly over a period of time?

Remember there is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is Attitude.  The big difference is whether it is Positive or Negative.

Things That Drain You in Relations…

1- Negative talk, Continued Negative words spoken by you or others around you.

2- Doubts, Assumptions and Anger

3- Facing Judgements or passing judgements

4- Disrespect and belittling others

5- Resentment and not opening it out, holding the pain inside

6- Lying and breaking promises

7- Lack of Appreciation in day to day matters

8- Lack of Patience

9- Misunderstandings and not making effort to clarify Issues

10- Blaming Attitudes

It’s true that when someone is surrounded by so much negativity around Its difficult to Remain positive, but If you choose to act in a certain way you will definitely adopt positivity.

Happy, healthy relationships are one of the greatest joys of life. Each and every one of us deserve to be with somebody who makes us smile – somebody who doesn’t take us for granted – somebody who won’t hurt us. REMEMBER each one of us needs to feel loved, needed, and cared for without any discrimination. Let us start showering more love to our relations truly without any feeling of burden, desperation and superiority.

About tayyibairam

HR professional, Consultant, Lead auditor, team builder,Rotarian, Love to read and write,g. Enjoy listening and writing. I want to Live; not to Exist. HAPPINESS is in TRANSPARENCY which ultimately gives Integrity.
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14 Responses to How once beautiful and fulfilling Relationships become poisonous and unbearable?

  1. Aneeqa says:

    thought provoking…brilliantly written :))

  2. Awesome post, Tayyiba.
    I would like to add forgiveness as an integral part of a relationship besides love.
    Also, loving selflessly instead of asking something in return. Of course this is difficult – but not impossible – to achieve.
    End of the day, it’s the quality of our relationships that defines the quality of our lives…
    Keep inspiring, keep shining.
    Love and prayers.
    And Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis world over.

    • tayyibairam says:

      Thank you so much Nuruddin Abjani. Your feedback means a lot to me. Absolutely Forgiveness and Selflessness are Greatest qualities any one has been blessed with. Usually what happens is that “Self” appear on stage of Relationships, it starts draining every goodness and injecting more poison in relation. Forgiveness is second name of Love.
      Thanks Again and Stay Blessed always in all ways.

  3. Yasin Ali says:

    The essential ingredient about any relationship is knowing the frequency of persons involved in it. Most of the time its not reciprocation which is an issue nor persons involved in relations have EGO. Its just few are too lazy to realize what’s needed to be done , how and when . Once you start missing important deadlines ; dates , timings of events , the frequency starts changing its flow from Up , Down , Low , Mid and then eventually the String is broken due to inaction not cauz there was any Ego between person’s involved.

    Value the key moments in Life , make them beautiful for the persons involved in a relationship with u, you will surely see the difference .

  4. Mohamed Shafeeque says:

    It’s really nice and useful stuff; thank you for sharing a valid point.

  5. Asghar Malik says:

    Jab bhi yeh dil Udas hota hai 😦 May Allah Almighty bless us love in relationships….

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  7. abdul rehman says:

    you are great

  8. Tariq Javed says:


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