Digimark 2012 (2nd Pakistan Digital Marketing Conference)

I attended last year Digimark 2011 and learned really quality stuff from known Digitized/Online Media Gurus. I hope this year you will continue your tradition of this Excellence and Commitment. I am quite aware of the fact that Small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to realize that digital marketing and social media or online advertising are crucial tools in achieving success now a days. In the past and even now many small business owners had and are ignoring digital media, and they are  consequently left in the market as young and middle-aged customers scared from competitors making use of this aspect.

In my view major reasons why many small businesses are increasing spending for online advertising is that there is a wide variety of online platforms through which to market every type of company. Many small and large businesses announce that their online marketing budgets will be spreading across multiple platforms. This is helping the trend that is the availability of assistance from digital agencies that specialize in online display for small business.

Entrepreneurs have over a time started to understand that their prospective customers are not available through a single website. The customer bases of most small businesses are spread through a variety of platforms, and missing one of them could make a big difference in how many new customers are achieved in the coming year.

In 2007, small businesses engaged in digital marketing through an average of three channels, but according to the new survey, the average platforms being used per business was 5.8. This means that the number of online platforms used for advertising by the average small business has nearly doubled in the past five years.

Out of all online/digital tools the slowest sector till now is probably mobile marketing. The online channel rated as the favourite among the small businesses surveyed is Facebook. Over 52 percent of businesses used Facebook for promotional purposes, which puts it above most other forms of marketing/Advertising such as the following:

• Newspaper advertising – 31 percent
• Community sponsorship – 27 percent
• Email marketing – 25 percent

However the level of understanding and sophistication regarding Digital Marketing by small and mid-sized organizations varies significantly. Almost all understand the need to have a web-presence. Some consider, just having a Facebook page enough. Others have a website, with no strategy to leverage it. Digital Media professionals have a great opportunity to help educate and partner with these organizations going forward.

Digital marketing has proven to be a more affordable way to promote your brand to a larger domestic or global audience. Considering that the ROI is higher on digital marketing efforts, you cannot deny that this must be a part of your plan.

I Look Forward to Digimark 2012 which is going to be held on Dec 22, 2012 at Royal Palm Lahore. I believe that I will learn many new things regarding more engaging tools with the audience through digital/online marketing. The List of speakers seems quite amazing. All the best to Digimark 2012.

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