Some Signs of Ungrateful people

1- They take Relationships for granted. 
2- Relations are always on their terms, moods and conditions.
3- They have Highest Ego.
4- They are filled with only one Ingredient “I, Me, Mine, Myself”.
5- They Just Seek the Feeling of getting Importance.
6- They always complain and blame.
7- They are bad Listeners; Will Listen only having their personal conditions.
8- They Assume others easily, They Judge others in seconds.
9- They think They are always Right.
10- They Rarely Appreciate genuinely; If they Do, It have their own interests.

About tayyibairam

HR professional, Consultant, Lead auditor, team builder,Rotarian, Love to read and write,g. Enjoy listening and writing. I want to Live; not to Exist. HAPPINESS is in TRANSPARENCY which ultimately gives Integrity.
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1 Response to Some Signs of Ungrateful people

  1. Interesting piece. And thanks for the signs of ungrateful people. To be unthankful is to be ungrateful.

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