Rooh Ki Pyas Nahi Jati By Tayyiba Iram

Behtay hain hazaroun he samander mere aagay,
Per rooh ki jo pyas hay wo nahi jati,

Ann gint khwahishain hain, khwab bayshumar,
Zeest guzri jaati hay, umeed nhi jati,

Kaisa farayb hay dia hasti ko aye khuda,
Zee hosh koun hay yahan, masti nhi jati,

Sab kuch hamaray bus main hay tadbbeer hay agar,
Taqdeer mein likh dii gayi baybasi nahi jati,

Janmoun ka yea farar, khud he say hay yea haar,
Dil keh raha hay youn to muhabbat nahi jati,

Tum kaho to rouk dain hum waqt ko abhi,
Jo tum kaho to aj yea shaam nahi jati,

Dil k ajeeb bandhan khushbu say hain basay,
Chahain bhe to dor yea tori nhi jati.

Written By : Tayyiba Iram

English Translation 

Thirst of Soul Doesn’t Fades Away .

Thousand of rivers falls infront of me,
But the thirst of soul doesn’t fades away.

Infinite’s are wishes, Innumerable dreams,
Life fades away, Hope doesn’t fades away.

How my existence have been deceived O ALLAH,
Who is conscious here , Pleasure doesn’t fades away.

Everything is in our control if Efforts are in place,
Helplessness of what’s written in fate doesn’t fades away.

It’s an Escape of lives , Losing the battle from ownself,
Heart is saying “this is not how Love fades away”.

If you say , we will stop the Time
If you say, this evening will never fade away.

The strange bonds of hearts are filled with Fragrance
Even if we desire, this knot cannot be broken away.

Written By : Tayyiba Iram

3 Responses to Rooh Ki Pyas Nahi Jati By Tayyiba Iram

  1. Yasin Ali says:

    Absolutely Beautiful . When a poetess of an outstanding class such as you speaks her heart , its really worth reading it One can feel the emotions that are behind the words which can simply be defined as ” Divine Love ” . Thanks for an amazing post , Poetess Tayyiba Iram .

  2. Talha says:

    very nice

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