Just Be Who You Are

Just Be Who You Are

Some people intrude our lives, blame us, test us, and then finally bring us to Limits.. You should Finally say Bye to them and wish them good.

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Some Signs of Ungrateful people

1- They take Relationships for granted. 
2- Relations are always on their terms, moods and conditions.
3- They have Highest Ego.
4- They are filled with only one Ingredient “I, Me, Mine, Myself”.
5- They Just Seek the Feeling of getting Importance.
6- They always complain and blame.
7- They are bad Listeners; Will Listen only having their personal conditions.
8- They Assume others easily, They Judge others in seconds.
9- They think They are always Right.
10- They Rarely Appreciate genuinely; If they Do, It have their own interests.

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~ Heartprints ~


Whatever our hands touch, We leave fingerprints! 

As we touch we leave our Identity.

Oh God!! Please where ever I go today, Help me leave heart prints. Heart prints of Compassion, Of Understanding and Love, Heart prints of Kindness and Genuine Concern. 

Oh God, Bless me with Eyes which can see the misery and suffering of others through You, and Its also My request that Bless me the eyes which cannot see faults in others. 

Oh God, Bless me with Ears which can listen to those things which others just cant utter so that someone think little of them. Bless me that tongue which can only speak words of Hope, Love and Positivity.

My Lord!! Its My humble Prayer that Give me always a Helping and Giving Hand. And Please also make my memory so poor that It never remember what It Gives but at the same time Bless me a Strong memory which never Forgets even a single good gesture by others. 

Bless me with the steps which seek goodness. 



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Digimark 2012 (2nd Pakistan Digital Marketing Conference)

I attended last year Digimark 2011 and learned really quality stuff from known Digitized/Online Media Gurus. I hope this year you will continue your tradition of this Excellence and Commitment. I am quite aware of the fact that Small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to realize that digital marketing and social media or online advertising are crucial tools in achieving success now a days. In the past and even now many small business owners had and are ignoring digital media, and they are  consequently left in the market as young and middle-aged customers scared from competitors making use of this aspect.

In my view major reasons why many small businesses are increasing spending for online advertising is that there is a wide variety of online platforms through which to market every type of company. Many small and large businesses announce that their online marketing budgets will be spreading across multiple platforms. This is helping the trend that is the availability of assistance from digital agencies that specialize in online display for small business.

Entrepreneurs have over a time started to understand that their prospective customers are not available through a single website. The customer bases of most small businesses are spread through a variety of platforms, and missing one of them could make a big difference in how many new customers are achieved in the coming year.

In 2007, small businesses engaged in digital marketing through an average of three channels, but according to the new survey, the average platforms being used per business was 5.8. This means that the number of online platforms used for advertising by the average small business has nearly doubled in the past five years.

Out of all online/digital tools the slowest sector till now is probably mobile marketing. The online channel rated as the favourite among the small businesses surveyed is Facebook. Over 52 percent of businesses used Facebook for promotional purposes, which puts it above most other forms of marketing/Advertising such as the following:

• Newspaper advertising – 31 percent
• Community sponsorship – 27 percent
• Email marketing – 25 percent

However the level of understanding and sophistication regarding Digital Marketing by small and mid-sized organizations varies significantly. Almost all understand the need to have a web-presence. Some consider, just having a Facebook page enough. Others have a website, with no strategy to leverage it. Digital Media professionals have a great opportunity to help educate and partner with these organizations going forward.

Digital marketing has proven to be a more affordable way to promote your brand to a larger domestic or global audience. Considering that the ROI is higher on digital marketing efforts, you cannot deny that this must be a part of your plan.

I Look Forward to Digimark 2012 which is going to be held on Dec 22, 2012 at Royal Palm Lahore. I believe that I will learn many new things regarding more engaging tools with the audience through digital/online marketing. The List of speakers seems quite amazing. All the best to Digimark 2012.

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How once beautiful and fulfilling Relationships become poisonous and unbearable?

Beauty of relationships is their nurturing and fulfilling essence.  We are naturally blessed with relationships the moment we are born.  Parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, Grandma, Grandpa, teachers, friends and husband/wife all are precious relations offering us love, support, confidence, uplift, encouragement, appreciation, learning and strength.

In the Journey of Life all have some Role either Big or Small. Throughout the journey of life we face many situations in various relations of us for our own learning and strength, for our own self awakening but we hardly pay attention. We realize who we are and where we stand into others’ people lives from the Relations we maintain or come across the life span.

God and Parents (mostly) Offer Unconditional Loving i.e. without any expectations whereas every other relation somehow at one or different point of time ask or seek reciprocation (even they don’t say but this feeling deep down start growing in them that I have done this and You have done this). I am not placing this feeling at Negative end as it’s quite human. We are human beings on a spiritual journey in this Life.

If this is the way relations are then Why and How comes a point that a poison keep on spreading in the life of relations slowly over a period of time?

Remember there is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference.  The little difference is Attitude.  The big difference is whether it is Positive or Negative.

Things That Drain You in Relations…

1- Negative talk, Continued Negative words spoken by you or others around you.

2- Doubts, Assumptions and Anger

3- Facing Judgements or passing judgements

4- Disrespect and belittling others

5- Resentment and not opening it out, holding the pain inside

6- Lying and breaking promises

7- Lack of Appreciation in day to day matters

8- Lack of Patience

9- Misunderstandings and not making effort to clarify Issues

10- Blaming Attitudes

It’s true that when someone is surrounded by so much negativity around Its difficult to Remain positive, but If you choose to act in a certain way you will definitely adopt positivity.

Happy, healthy relationships are one of the greatest joys of life. Each and every one of us deserve to be with somebody who makes us smile – somebody who doesn’t take us for granted – somebody who won’t hurt us. REMEMBER each one of us needs to feel loved, needed, and cared for without any discrimination. Let us start showering more love to our relations truly without any feeling of burden, desperation and superiority.

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Lets experience Joy in Our Relationships

Water your Relations with Purity, Love, Respect, Understanding, and Acceptance and give your best… And see and enjoy the fruits of relationship. ~Tayyiba Iram~

Being Human all of us might have watered positives and negatives emotions/feelings to our relationships at different times.  We can change every bit of our relationship anytime whenever we are able to kill that part of us which says that Yes I was/Am Right..

Positive feelings are Love, understanding, Respect, Patience and acceptance whereas Negative feelings are hatred, jealousy, anger and disrespect.

Our relationships are just like Seeds. We are the gardener of these precious seeds. We harvest what We water our seeds most. Remember Patience and Love always go Together.

The Question is How We can save our seeds from Negative waters and How can we Reap the Crop of Love?

I think that First and Foremost we should all be aware of ourselves and watch our own selves that what we are watering. We should also watch of other peoples’ behaviours which provoke us to water negative seeds. Within families we should communicate with family members that we will help each other water only positive seeds. Of course it can only be done when you and your family member or partner are ready to listen with heart and be more open and understanding.

We can add such a joy in our relationships by simply following these rules….

1-     Our words are like ointments for our relationships. Always appreciate genuinely with purity. Words when expressed through genuine care undoubtedly touch souls of our dear ones. Always admire the good in them and make them realize how much you value them. Believe me it works wonders.

2-     When You had consciously or unconsciously hurt them… Do Apologize. We don’t ask forgiveness coz we think It will make us feel small in their eyes. Do make some changes in Future so that this hurt might not take place further. It will increase Trust in Relationship.

3-     And then Also open yourself to the other person what caused hurt in you. Open with kindness and gentleness.  Talk to them. But We should be careful that our dialogue should not become bitter session and blame or right/wrong game. First Duty of Love is to listen. Listen with care, with patience, with understanding. End this sharing with warm and loving hug. Witness Smiles in Hearts.. 🙂

Lets experience Joy in Our Relationships within Families or friends. Love is all we Have always.

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Your Focus is Your Real Power

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Have you ever tried burning piece of paper by focusing sunlight onto it by magnifying glass/mirror. Yes all of us did this experiment in our school days and what a joy to witness that spark onto piece of paper.. Yessssss … Continue reading

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