by Tayyiba Iram on Friday, 26 February 2010 at 12:15 ·

“We always have love,

it’s just that we must use it,

because that’s all we have.

That’s all we are: love.“

It’s very difficult to have this love, the unconditional love. I mean the true love, the LOVE love. Not just the love between woman and man, not just the love between relatives and friends, but the love, you know, THE LOVE; it’s very difficult to have. But of course you can start it with loving between family members, friends, husband and wife, for example, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

The love exists between you, even though sometimes it’s between enemies. This love, we are born with. Even before we came here, we had this love; but then slowly, either the society wears it out or bad experiences make us disappointed, and then we lock it. Sometimes we just close the door, we don’t lock it; but then slowly, after two months or two whatever, we do lock it, and we don’t want to open it again, and throw away the key.

So, the love has no chance to develop, to open up and to spread out all over. If we continue holding on to that love, we will never lose it. If we lose the love, it’s because we wanted to; we just wanted to act the opposite of love. Otherwise, anyone could really lose that love, anytime; any excuse would do. This life is enough for us to lose anything, not to talk about love! But we always have it, just that we must use it, because that’s all we have. That’s all we are: love. If we don’t use it, then of course it’s just getting like enclosed or shrunk; it’s still there, just not expanded, not renewed, not used or useful in any way.

Whenever, through any chance or any circumstance, or any time you feel that you’re ready to die for someone else, that is when you’ve got it. You’ve got the total of it. You don’t mind if you sacrifice yourself or your life for your kids, for your wife, your mother, your father or even your dog. At that moment, you’re in total connection with your love. And if you continue this way, all the time in this kind of mentality, then you don’t need me. (Master and everyone laugh) You don’t need me at all. You are well on your way to Heaven, fifth level, whatever level can be available.

Love is like that. It doesn’t have to be like a demonstration of tears, or hugs, or letters, or long-winded sentences or big poetry; it doesn’t have to be. Just know it in your heart, that you’re willing to lay down your life even, if necessary, for anyone. If your heart is like that, know that you’re in charge of yourself, that you really are in that love and you did not lose any of it, and you are just great.

But another thing is sometimes the karmic connection… like the last life, that person saved you and this life, you’re willing to save that person. So that might not even be the love, it might just be the karmic force that makes you do that. But if you do that with LOVE in your heart, you know what I mean? If you’re willing to sacrifice, if you willingly, knowingly do that, that’s a different thing.

So there are two or three kinds of so-called unconditional love. Sometimes it looks like unconditional love, but it could be just the karmic power or sometimes repayment. Like the last time, that someone was so good to you; he did something extraordinary for you, so that this lifetime you promised to come back and do whatever it takes to repay that kindness. It’s ingrained in you; it’s imprinted in your heart. So you want to do anything for that person, even lay down your life. That is a deep feeling just for one person. That’s different.

But if you’re willing to sacrifice for anyone at all when it’s needed, then it’s different. When that person needs or when the situation needs, and you would sacrifice your life so that the person could be in safety and live, that’s a different one. That’s the true unconditional love, not a petite one, not for someone that you always very much like. That’s also good, but it’s not like you would sacrifice for anyone at all, a stranger even.

Like the love that Jesus had for His disciples at that time or for humankind at that time: He didn’t sacrifice just for His disciples. Of course He did that for His disciples, because He took upon Himself all the karmic consequences of His disciples at that time; but also, the collective karma of the whole planet as well. He could not, of course, change the planet overnight, but some part of the karma would be upon Him because a disciple was connected with another disciple or with another person, and that other person was connected… so the whole of humankind, all connected.

~ Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai
France Gathering, February 17, 2009 (Originally in English)


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