~ Heartprints ~


Whatever our hands touch, We leave fingerprints! 

As we touch we leave our Identity.

Oh God!! Please where ever I go today, Help me leave heart prints. Heart prints of Compassion, Of Understanding and Love, Heart prints of Kindness and Genuine Concern. 

Oh God, Bless me with Eyes which can see the misery and suffering of others through You, and Its also My request that Bless me the eyes which cannot see faults in others. 

Oh God, Bless me with Ears which can listen to those things which others just cant utter so that someone think little of them. Bless me that tongue which can only speak words of Hope, Love and Positivity.

My Lord!! Its My humble Prayer that Give me always a Helping and Giving Hand. And Please also make my memory so poor that It never remember what It Gives but at the same time Bless me a Strong memory which never Forgets even a single good gesture by others. 

Bless me with the steps which seek goodness. 



About tayyibairam

HR professional, Consultant, Lead auditor, team builder,Rotarian, Love to read and write,g. Enjoy listening and writing. I want to Live; not to Exist. HAPPINESS is in TRANSPARENCY which ultimately gives Integrity.
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