Hum Aur Tum By Tayyiba Iram

Hum aur tum……
Harf o ma’ani ki dunya k wo kirdaar,
Sadyoun say apni apni,
Zaat k katahroun mai jakray huay,
Ana haath hamaara pakray huay,
Lafzoun say ik doosray ko chalni kartay huay..
Yea kyun bhool jaatay hain?
Lafz to phool hain.
Pyaar ki dhool hain….
Lafz gar hansaatay hain..
Lafz he rulatay hain…
Lafz hi manatay hain..
Lafz toa jugnoo hain…
Hamari rahoun main roshni k deep jalaatay hain.
Lafz toa khusboo hain…
Fiza main bikhar jaein to men ko gudgudatay hain.
Lafz toa khumaar hain…
Pyar say kaho to ham hasti hi bhool jaatay hain.
Lafz toa ghantiyaan hain….
Mann mandar main dayr tak jaltrang bajatay hain.
Lafz toa hisaar hain……
Zaat ko tanhai main bhi tanha nahi kartay.
Lafz toa sahaara hain…..
lafz toa kinaara hain…….
Toa phir kiyun?
Hum aur tum !
Harf-o-ma’ani ka bhaid kho kar…
Lafzoun ko bay mol kartay hain.

Written by : Tayyiba Iram 

English Translation 

You and I  By Tayyiba Iram.

You and I ;
Alphabets and meanings of those characters of the world ;
From Decades in our own
Binding in the dockyard of our own personality
Holding on to our hand by Ego
Piercing each others from Words
Why do they forget ?
Words are Flowers
Words are Debris of Love
Words if they make us gag
Words also make us lament.
Words are Glow-Worm
Lightens up the wick of lamp in our path.
Words are Fragrance
If spread in air ; will giggle up the heart.
Words are fermenter,
If said with Love , we forget our ownselves .
Words are Bells ,
In the temple of our heart its hydraulics lasts for long
Words are entanglement ,
Even in solitude they donot let soul feel alone .
Words are Hope ,
Words are threshold
So Then Why ?
You And I ;
Loses the reality of Alphabets and Meaning
Makes words meaningless .

Written by : Tayyiba Iram 

6 Responses to Hum Aur Tum By Tayyiba Iram

  1. Yasin Ali says:

    Wow ! What a beautiful Poetry .
    Such deep emotions and feelings are attached with it .
    Its absolutely awesome , just what we expect from a Professional Poet of your Caliber ,
    that is to dot down the feelings artistically which touches the Soul of readers of all age.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful Treasure which you Own with Us and mesmerizing us by taking us in another World . 🙂

    Rise , Shine and Fly Sky High , You own the Universe .

  2. Dr. Naeem Mushtaq says:

    good poetry Tayyiba

  3. Affaq says:

    Heart touching poem. Always adore your ‘2 liners’ on Twitter. Never knew that you do poetry, unless I came here 🙂 Stay blessed !

  4. Adeel Ahmad says:

    very nice …
    wonderful coalition of Words…

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