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Just Be Who You Are

Some people intrude our lives, blame us, test us, and then finally bring us to Limits.. You should Finally say Bye to them and wish them good.

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Some Signs of Ungrateful people

1- They take Relationships for granted. 2- Relations are always on their terms, moods and conditions.3- They have Highest Ego.4- They are filled with only one Ingredient “I, Me, Mine, Myself”.5- They Just Seek the Feeling of getting Importance.6- They always … Continue reading

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~ Heartprints ~

Whatever our hands touch, We leave fingerprints!  As we touch we leave our Identity. Oh God!! Please where ever I go today, Help me leave heart prints. Heart prints of Compassion, Of Understanding and Love, Heart prints of Kindness and Genuine Concern.  Oh God, Bless me … Continue reading

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Digimark 2012 (2nd Pakistan Digital Marketing Conference)

I attended last year Digimark 2011 and learned really quality stuff from known Digitized/Online Media Gurus. I hope this year you will continue your tradition of this Excellence and Commitment. I am quite aware of the fact that Small and … Continue reading

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How once beautiful and fulfilling Relationships become poisonous and unbearable?

Beauty of relationships is their nurturing and fulfilling essence.  We are naturally blessed with relationships the moment we are born.  Parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, Grandma, Grandpa, teachers, friends and husband/wife all are precious relations offering us love, support, confidence, … Continue reading

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Lets experience Joy in Our Relationships

Water your Relations with Purity, Love, Respect, Understanding, and Acceptance and give your best… And see and enjoy the fruits of relationship. ~Tayyiba Iram~ Being Human all of us might have watered positives and negatives emotions/feelings to our relationships at … Continue reading

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Your Focus is Your Real Power

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Have you ever tried burning piece of paper by focusing sunlight onto it by magnifying glass/mirror. Yes all of us did this experiment in our school days and what a joy to witness that spark onto piece of paper.. Yessssss … Continue reading

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