Lets experience Joy in Our Relationships

Water your Relations with Purity, Love, Respect, Understanding, and Acceptance and give your best… And see and enjoy the fruits of relationship. ~Tayyiba Iram~

Being Human all of us might have watered positives and negatives emotions/feelings to our relationships at different times.  We can change every bit of our relationship anytime whenever we are able to kill that part of us which says that Yes I was/Am Right..

Positive feelings are Love, understanding, Respect, Patience and acceptance whereas Negative feelings are hatred, jealousy, anger and disrespect.

Our relationships are just like Seeds. We are the gardener of these precious seeds. We harvest what We water our seeds most. Remember Patience and Love always go Together.

The Question is How We can save our seeds from Negative waters and How can we Reap the Crop of Love?

I think that First and Foremost we should all be aware of ourselves and watch our own selves that what we are watering. We should also watch of other peoples’ behaviours which provoke us to water negative seeds. Within families we should communicate with family members that we will help each other water only positive seeds. Of course it can only be done when you and your family member or partner are ready to listen with heart and be more open and understanding.

We can add such a joy in our relationships by simply following these rules….

1-     Our words are like ointments for our relationships. Always appreciate genuinely with purity. Words when expressed through genuine care undoubtedly touch souls of our dear ones. Always admire the good in them and make them realize how much you value them. Believe me it works wonders.

2-     When You had consciously or unconsciously hurt them… Do Apologize. We don’t ask forgiveness coz we think It will make us feel small in their eyes. Do make some changes in Future so that this hurt might not take place further. It will increase Trust in Relationship.

3-     And then Also open yourself to the other person what caused hurt in you. Open with kindness and gentleness.  Talk to them. But We should be careful that our dialogue should not become bitter session and blame or right/wrong game. First Duty of Love is to listen. Listen with care, with patience, with understanding. End this sharing with warm and loving hug. Witness Smiles in Hearts.. 🙂

Lets experience Joy in Our Relationships within Families or friends. Love is all we Have always.

About tayyibairam

HR professional, Consultant, Lead auditor, team builder,Rotarian, Love to read and write,g. Enjoy listening and writing. I want to Live; not to Exist. HAPPINESS is in TRANSPARENCY which ultimately gives Integrity.
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11 Responses to Lets experience Joy in Our Relationships

  1. Yasin Ali says:

    Another gem of a post CoACH ! The first line of ur post sums everything in the relationship pretty well .
    If you are Pure ; you will always have the Soul of your COunterpart.
    If you Respect; you’ll always get the worth you Deserve.
    If you are Understanding; you’ll always get the Loyalty you seek.
    And When u Accept: You’ll have a package called “ LOVE”

    Thanks for another thought provoking Post Coach . Stay Blessed 🙂

    • tayyibairam says:

      Thank you so much for ur feedback Yasin. Be blessed.

      • Yasin Ali says:

        Pleasure Coach 🙂 !
        Thanks for always coming up with such Beautiful posts which makes our Morning so much Beautiful .
        Thanks You for Shining our lives with the great intellect you possess .

        Indeed we are Blessed to have you in our lives 🙂

  2. Yousuf Rafi says:

    beautiful post as usual!!!! (: love “what we are watering point….” …. Joy in our relationships what a concept (: …. staying positive with negative environment is such a tedious task but thanks so much buddy for the tips right from the heart and very well started… easy to follow and so very practical!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. TK says:

    The 3 points mentioned are indeed true and practical when it comes to the ones we value. I have personally implemented them in certain scenarios and it had worked wonders for me. Great post and I love the way your post is written. Sounds very poetic 🙂

  4. Dr. Naeem Mushtaq says:

    Masha Allah 🙂 Nice Tayyiba Appa 🙂

  5. Zaib un nisa says:

    Ahh ! beautifuly written , rules mentioned are indeed true !!!
    Lets Experience …. keep it up !! i must say your notes are realy realy thought provoking.
    stay happy 🙂

  6. Sadia in Los Angeles says:

    Meri Saheli (= my friend!)
    Wow. Your thoughts are pure and your words are poetry.
    Your friendship, wisdom, and goodness add so much to my life!!

    Your beautiful post reminded me of two sayings…
    1. When we most need love is when we least deserve it.
    2. An argument is between 2 people who BOTH think they are right!

    Kindness is a blessing and a gift. We need to be pure enough to look past the fear, the hurt, and the anger — then the healing takes place.

    Thank you Meri Saheli for sharing your wisdom. I am a new subscriber to your blog and look forward to learning many things!!

  7. stevesapato says:

    I really liked this Tayyiba~ you got right to the heart of what is important. Love is all about understanding and forgiveness. You have a great insight and love in your writing. Thank you for sharing… love and hugs~Steve

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